The Yoga of Belly Dance
The Spirit of Kripalu Danskinetics (Yoga Dance)
using the powerful movements of Belly Dance

Dance in a peaceful non-judgmental environment  with a focus on letting go and moving  from a place of freedom and devotion to the moment.
The Yoga of Belly Dance with Rema Instructional DVD available
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The Ancient Art of Belly Dance is a great workout for anyBODY. "It is an incredible way to reduce stress and thereby promote wellness at the level of Body, Mind and Spirit. Rema was born in the Middle East and has been dancing all her life. Dance is her connection to Spirit. She is a Kripalu Danskinetics instructor(Now called Yoga Dance) and has always utilized Belly Dance Movements in her classes. It is through the persistent recommendation and suggestion of her students that she teaches "The Ancient Art of Belly Dance" . Belly dance is a beautiful dance of your whole body. Learn isolations including head slides, upper and lower body shimmies, undulations, relaxing and powerful hip movements, rib rolls, and beautiful arm movements. Float away as you experience the magic of dancing with veils. Belly dance movements align with the seven chakras (energy centers in your body) and are a powerful way to journey to Total Health and Well-being through a beautiful connection of Body, Mind and Spirit. Yoga in Motion is weaved into warm up and warm down to enhance flexibility and maintain the Spirit of Yoga in the Dance.

Kripalu DansKinetics®(Yoga Dance) is a unique approach to movement combining the time honored tradition of Kripalu Yoga and Dance. Kripalu DansKinetics® is meditation-in-motion, sometimes wild and filled with abandon, sometimes quiet and graceful. It is a beautiful way to come in contact with your indwelling spirit. You experience what it feels like to be at home with your body, recognizing your body, mind and spirit as vehicles for spontaneous, blissful self-expression. A holistic approach to well-being, Kripalu DansKinetics® provides a path for healing, wellness and transformation by using the joy of movement to build flexibility, endurance and cardiovascular fitness.

below are 3 reviews from customers

5.0 out of 5 stars More than dance, March 19, 2010
BlueSky Dragonfly (Boston, MA) - 
This review is from: The Yoga of Belly Dance with Rema (DVD)
Rema's DVD is more than a dance instruction tutorial. Meditation. Movement. Dance. Stretching...physically and spiritually. Self-acceptance. Connecting with one's inner goddess...and projecting her in your daily life. It is a healing tool...and a LOT of fun! Breathe.
L. Hughes (Chelmsford, MA USA) -
This review is from: The Yoga of Belly Dance with Rema (DVD)
This is a great instructional video. Rema performs a beautiful belly dance so you know what a nice dance looks like. Then she warms you up and goes through all the movements. She breaks it down for you and before you know it you are getting a great core and thigh workout and having fun doing it. This video really helps you get moving, enjoy dancing and feel good about yourself. She finishes with a warm down segment and another beautiful dance.

5.0 out of 5 stars Belly Dance from Head to Toe, December 8, 2009
This review is from: The Yoga of Belly Dance with Rema (DVD)
A Unique Belly Dance Instructional DVD which has an intro on the History of Belly Dance as an ancient Dance by Women for Women, Dance as Healing, Dance as Prayer.
Great workout from Head to Toe. Warm up and warm down weaves in Yoga in Motion.
Covers all movements from Belly Dance:Upper and Lower Body Shimmies, Body Waves/undulations, Rib Rolls, Hip Movements, Travel Steps, snake arms, and Veil. Can view each section separately and do the parts that you want. Comes together nicely in a section called Let's Belly Dance. Wonderful Instruction for the Arabic Dabke, a beautiful line dance. This DVD closes with a Beautiful Dance for Peace. A Poem accompanies the DVD for the Words to the Peace Dance. The Instructor was born in the Middle East and Shares this Dance soulfully as a path to Health, Wellness, Peace and Bliss. Very Colorful, many costume changes that can give you ideas to create a beautiful dance costume yourself.