Energy Healing Treatment:

As a Nurse my First experience with Energy Healing was Therapeutic Touch. I was really impressed with Feeling my Energy and other  People's Energy and Providing Healing for Myself, Family and Friends as I practiced.
I became a Reiki Master as I continued to Study this Profound Healing Modality. I was impressed with a phone Interview with Dr. Eric Pearl that Connected with my Wisdom intellectually , Mindfully , Spiritually and through Practice. I then studied Reconnective Healing with Dr. Eric Pearl.

 I believe that a Balance exists in Integrating Energy Healing with Traditional Medicine. I have believed from  the First Moment of entering my Nursing Program that prevention was a Key to Health and Wellness. I was exposed to this thought process by my Professor in Primary Care Nursing(Prevention). I took that as an Advanced Practicum in College. Alas I went on to embark on a Path of Traditional Medicine but a Cellular Memory of that time and so many teachers in that field awakened me to my Beliefs and so for the past 20 years I have studied Energy Healing, Yoga, Guided Visualization, Dance as a Healing Art, Chi Kong, and How Powerful Our Thoughts are. We are Co-creators in this Magnificent Universe and Current Brain Research is proving the Science to prove just that. I Emmerse my self in Literature that Supports My Belief that We are in Charge of Our Health and Wellness. I Teach what I Learn and what I am learning is Powerful.

You are the Placebo by Dr,. Joe Dispenza 
            Super Brain By Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. Rudolph Tanzi
            The Biology of Belief : Dr. Bruce Lipton

In Medicine We Honor Homeostasis in the Body as an Optimum State of Health and Wellness. With Energy Healing You get that and Homeostasis in Mind and Spirit..
You are a Co-Creator of anything that You Want in your Life. Take Your Power back when You are in a State of Balance ..of Homeostasis in Body/Mind/Spirit..
You are in Charge of Your Health/Wellness/Happiness/Joy/Bliss/Wealth/Prosperity and 
anything that You Want for Your Life.

Reiki (pronounced raykee) is a Japanese word Rei meaning light and Ki which means Universal life force energy.(Chi in China and Prana in India) It is an unseen energy force(like electricity, sound waves, light waves) that surrounds and flows through all living things and exists in the very air we breathe. It is this life energy force, called Ki, Chi, Prana  that gives the body its ability to stay alive and heal itself (We may comment that We are feeling or have a high energy when the energy force is of high vibration).  When the life force is depleted, (We may say that we are of low energy) the body experiences difficulties healing itself. 
 Reiki's history dates back thousands of years with Tibetan Buddhists. Reiki is one of the forms of healing given to the Buddha upon his enlightenment. The Buddha taught his students these techniques and they documented them in a Sanskrit manuscript.  In the late 1800's  Dr. Mikao Usui while on a quest to find answers to the mystery of the miracles of Jesus, came upon these ancient manuscripts and through a meditative state experienced a vision of what he was seeking and received complete knowledge this Life Force Healing System and the Sacred Symbols associated with this Healing Form. He called this Reiki.

As Dr. Usui utilized His Healing Practice near Tokyo, his fame as a healer of all diseases spread quickly. He was called to heal the Emperor’s son whom Doctors had given No Hope as He was critically ill. The Emperor's son was completely healed in a few days. Dr. Usui and Reiki were declared National Treasures which meant they would remain a Secret and not leave the shores of Japan. Before his death in 1926, Dr. Usui taught all the knowledge of Reiki to his student who had been working with him in the clinic, Dr. Hayashi.

Due to the widespread  destruction of Japan during the second World War Dr. Hayashi clairvoyantly realized the importance of teaching this system so it would not be lost again. He picked  Mrs. Hawayo Takata, a Japanese-American living in  Hawaii who  heard of Dr. Usui's and Dr. Hayashi's widespread healing results  and seeked Dr. Hayashi  for her own Healing. It was Mrs. Takata who brought Reiki to the United States. A Lineage has now been created and continues as the Reiki Symbols are passed from Healer to Healer.
Being a Nurse, my first introduction to energy healing was through training in the Dolores Krieger(founder and also a Nurse) technique of Therapeutic Touch(TT). I was very enlightened with this training and used it on all my patients. Being a woman of Science, I was happy to hear that there was a double blind study used on Burn patients that supported the healing effects of those receiving TT vs. those that did not. That was good but feeling and learning about our Energy Field and the Power We possess to heal ourselves was and still remains most profound.  I received TT training around 1988. It was not until my repeated car accidents in 1994 that I learned about Reiki. I likened it to TT and did not pay much attention. My friend Lisa Tiernan attended my Danskinetics classes and we bartered for Reiki treatments and dance classes.

I did not cash in on my treatments until I hurt my hip in dance class. I called Lisa and coming from a place of skepticism, I went for a treatment. To my amazement, my hip pain was totally gone after the treatment and my neck pain and upper back were feeling quite great too. Acute pain(recent injury) tends to heal more quickly with Reiki and a chronic condition like my neck and back will need repeated treatments. I enrolled in her Reiki Certification classes and again was amazed with each attunement to the Reiki symbols that the energy in my hands was amplified. I am known to say that "My Hands Turn On" when someone needs healing. My kids always asked for "Healing Power" when they were younger and to this day they believe.

They saw first hand that this energy is helpful with animals too. Their cat Tiger was very sick and they asked me to give him "Healing Power". I wasn't sure but I did...To this day, I am in awe of how quickly Tiger went from listless to active. I later learned that during my Reiki II attunement that animals and plants respond very quickly to Reiki Energy. I became a Reiki Master and to date continue to be fascinated by Energy. Einstein's life and his commitment to studying energy as well as Quantum Physicists and their quest to find Einstein's Unified Theory of the Universe consume my thoughts. Recent although really ancient knowledge on "The law of Attraction" popularized by the Book "The Secret" is also awakening in Me the Mystery of who We are and What e are capable of. We only use 10% of the ability of our brain ..I ponder what we can do with the other 90%...

Is it our Brain or our Mind...that remains unutilized...HMMMM!