IPL Laser Hair Removal and Anti-aging Photofacials

Smooth Hair Free Skin is Now Possible. The  powerful yet gentle Viora Axiom pulsed light laser is the answer for all your hair removal and anti-aging  skincare benefits via photo-facials. Thermal Light Channeling (TLC) technology channels thermal(Heat) and optical (light) energy  and  Circular Heat Cooling (CHC) for a more comfortable, effective treatment without the inconvenience of cooling agents or obstructing gels.

HAIR REMOVAL: Sorry I am no longer taking Patients for this Service
  • Treats all skin types light to dark and black skin
  •  Large spot size for treating large areas and every 2 second pulsing for fast treatments
  • No messy cooling gels or anesthetics thanks to the advanced proprietary circular heat cooling(CHC) advanced system that is Axiom technology which minimizes heat discomfort
  • Fast, Comfortable and effective treatments
  • Rema is the sole provider of treatments so you get personal care with a commitment of excellence.
  • Over 10 years hands on laser hair removal experience as well as over 15 years of laser application education that started as part of Rema's Operating Room employment.
  • Rema has struggled with hair issues all her life and is now free of that burden. It is from this struggle that she has the passion to help others with these similar issues.
  • Consultations are complimentary
Hair Removal Facts:

Pulses of light are absorbed by melanin in the hair follicle bulb and bulge(root). Your skin also has melanin.
It is very important to wear a complete sun block during treatment time as the sun activates melanin in your skin and this can compete for the laser light and may cause burning. Important fact: No sun exposure without sun block 4 weeks before and 4 weeks after treatment. Excessively tanned skin may need more time before a laser can be used.
The Science of hair removal is cyclical. Science tells us that hair will go through phases from active growth(anagen phase)to transitional (catagen phase) and then telogen phase as the hair follicle enters a resting phase. Hair removal is complete during the anagen or active phase only.
Hair is damaged in the catagen or transitional phase and may not appear for several cycles and may return thinner. Hair is also damaged in the telogen phase but this is very short term. At any given time , hair is in an active growing phase at the rate of 10-15% of hair follicles and varies on different areas of the body. For this reason multiple visits(varies with clients and skin types at 6-10)may be required to complete treatment. In 5-10% of the clients more visits maybe necessary due to hormonal influences but long term hair removal is achievable. During treatment time, enjoy long term hair removal until the hair follicle is coagulated and damaged completely.

Treatment is every 4-8 weeks depending on body area to be worked on.